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SIP PANELS is a technology which has been around for sometimes and offers great advantages from an insulation point of view but also from a process point. With larger wall components (1.2 wide x 2.4 or 2.7 high) it allows swift assembly.
SIP means Structural Insulated Panels.
Mgo Means Magnesium Board, an highly resistant board to mold, water and fire.​

1- Mgo + Insulation + Mgo​​ is assembled on site with a wood structure. The benefit is that it forms a completed wall without the necessity of a cladding.

2- ​ALL WOOD structure insulated with Fiberglass it can come with windows pre-installed.

3- Mgo + Insulation + Mgo includes a steel frame structure and possibly windows, making it really fast to assemble.
4- SteelMesh + Insulation + Steel Mesh + cement plaster (on site)​

5- Chromadec + Insulation + Chromadec (mainly for roof)​​

Because of it been factory engineered it offers better quality for accuracy, consistency, strength.

Lower environmental impact
SIP panels are recognized for their high insulations values reducing your heating bills and providing thermal comfort. They also use less materials and less wastage.

Rapid construction
ELEMENTS arrives in large panels some complete some requiring cladding which makes the process on site much faster and predictable.