Contemporary Beach Properties
​is part of ZENKAYA Blue,  a small condominium with a contemporary feel. Comprising 5 weekend houses, that are all facing the ocean.
Located in the upcoming Island of Macaneta, the houses are a short distance from Maputo, making it the perfect weekend gateway for the city dwellers and South Africa.

Is a 2 bedroom en suite house facing the ocean.
It has an open courtyard which link the different rooms of the house giving a feeling of large volumes and open space.​​
The front Living space has a covered porch which extend the living area to the main sea view.
The house can sleep 6-8 people.​

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ZENKAYABLUE  - Copyright 2008-2018

BOOKING REQUEST From $ 200 per Night

CUBEKAYA Is a 2 stories  loft cube house facing the ocean. 

​On the ground floor it has a Living space with dining and Kitchen as well as a storage and a toilet. On the side of the house there is a sail covering the decking area with a braii.

The upstairs of the house comprises a bathroom and an open space which can sleep 4. It offers a premium view to the sea.​​

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​​Is a small condominium of 3 weekend houses. Located in the upcoming of Macaneta, the houses are facing the ocean. 
Each unit comprise a bathroom and a living sleeping place with outside "kitchen". Above the house is a viewing deck.