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LIGHT STEEL FRAMEsolutions offer many great advantages. 

Accepted and proven technology​​
Engineered steel frame has been around for sometimes and is accepted worldwide, USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA... It allows a certain versatility for architects and builders to respond to clients varied needs from finishes to energy efficiency.

Because of its engineered process from conception to assembly, Light Steel Frame technology offers some of the best quality for accuracy, consistency, strength.

Lower environmental impact
As much as steel is not originally a green material, it has the capacity to be recycled and trough engineering uses much less material (around 1 kg/lm) to achieve a high strength ratio.

Rapid construction
ELEMENTS can arrive in several forms from the smallest component member (saving in transport) to the largest wall component (saving construction time on site)​. 

Wall components can be made of the steel frame assembled in factory and erected on site.
Another option is a completed component (SIP PANELS) which comprise a full assembled wall made of the steel frame, insulation and wall cladding including chasing for conduits.